Product Highlights


Everything you need at your finger tips

Neatly packaged into a beautiful stainless steel design that will stand out in any kitchen. Linc will contain the following:

  • 10" touch screen
  • 20 customizable spices
  • Wireless scale with laser level
  • 14" cutting board that doubles as a flat measuring surface
  • 4 cup measuring bowl
  • Adjustable measuring spoon
  • 4 color coded wireless probe thermometers
  • Create and save your own recipes to the cloud
  • Learn to cook and improve your skills
  • Meal prep for healthy dieting
Linc front view


Food cooked to perfect temperature

Linc will monitor ever step of the cooking process and alert you when its time to take the next step

  • Wireless
  • Water proof
  • 4 color coded probes
  • Wirelessly charged
  • Built in battery

Measuring Scale

Never again will you need to calculate recipe ratios

Measure with ease using laser guided precision that shows you where on the measuring cup to pour

  • Laser guided precision
  • Wireless
  • Built in battery
  • Wirelessly charged
  • Cutting board doubles as a flat surface for measuring weight
  • Automatically adjusts the recipe as needed
Linc top view

Spice Rack

Finding a spice has never been so easy

Your spice rack just got an upgrade.

  • Weight sensors that detects and alerts when spices are running low
  • Automatically delivery of refills to your home
  • Digital label at the bottom that knows if you swap the spices
  • Use your voice to find a spice
  • Fully customizable
  • Grocery shopping lists and notifications of deals


Linc has a wide range of features that will make you an amazing chef.

Calculates Calories

Calculate calories and track your eating

Meal Preparation

Reminds you to prep meals ahead of time.

Grocery Shopping List

Generates shopping list based on meals


Adjusts to your dietary restrictions (salt, sugar, etc.)


Recommends or adjusts recipes to your liking

Smart recipes

Video recipes that knows where you are in the cooking process

Voice control

Speak commands that lets you quickly navigate


Monitors your food with wireless thermometers

Fridge and pantry

Tracks the ingredients you have

Product shots

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Our Services

Here are other things that Linc can do!

Custom Spices

Select custom spices that fit your taste.

Spice delivery

If spices are running low, Linc will order refills automatically

Find Discounts

Linc will suggest stores that have ingredients on sale

Track Health

Helps with your health goals

Track Pantry

Tracks missing or low ingredients


Learns what you like over time

Culinary School

Learn to cook professionally

Meal prep review

Have your automatic meal prep reviewed by professionals

Help to cook

Instant help for any cooking questions you may have



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